You pretend you care about other people but in the end, it’s all about you. You’re just afraid of being alone, aren’t you?

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EDパロなど by 宇多田寝子
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Character development

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"You laugh, without seeing a thing. Loneliness wraps around, widening infinitely. I can’t move. I was changed. In this lonely trap that someone arranged. Before our future melts away. Remember me. While it’s so vivid. Don’t forget me. Paralyzed by how I’ve changed. Tell me…

Is there someone inside me?”

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Watch out; we will bring back Kaneki. 

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I’m so confused about tokyo ghoul like i read chapter 143 but ?????? did it really end?? would you really call that an ending??!! there’s still so many questions and the ending was drab in my opinion, i hope there’s a sequel …

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There’s a regular recreational pool over there. No one without the guts to swim beside the National Team would use this one. 

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Why the fuck is light yagami the mass murderer below Hanamiya the BASKETBALL PLAYER in the poll for meanest anime characters?

this is just proof that sports anime is hardcore

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